Dr. Abdul El Naser

Dr. Abdul El Naser

Dental Surgeon

Welcome to the webpage of Dr. Abdel Nasir Hassan Abd Elwahab, an accomplished General Dentist dedicated to providing exceptional dental care. With a wealth of experience and a diverse range of expertise, Dr. Abd Elwahab has successfully treated numerous patients and achieved outstanding results.

Services provided by Dr. Abd Elwahab include:

  • Root canal therapy
  • Amalgam fillings (Classes I, II, III, and buildup)
  • Aesthetic dentistry using composite materials, ceramics, zirconia, and PFM restorations
  • Post and core treatments for both anterior and posterior teeth
  • Deep scaling, curettage, root planning, and polishing
  • Impacted and embedded tooth surgeries (wisdom tooth extraction, broken tooth removal, and impacted root extraction)
  • Complicated and simple tooth extractions
  • Arch wire and composite splint for various purposes (mobile teeth, extruded or intruded teeth, and tooth avulsion)
  • Removable partial dentures (RPD) and full dentures
  • Orthodontic treatments (fixed and removable appliances)

Dr. Abd Elwahab’s expertise and commitment to providing personalized care and attention have made him a trusted dental professional. He is dedicated to utilizing the latest techniques and materials to ensure his patients receive the highest quality dental treatments.

Dr. Abd Elwahab practices at multiple esteemed medical centers, including Star House Dental Clinic, Orthospine Medical Center, Sheikh Maneaa Al Maktoum Medical Center, and Star Revive Medical Center Dubai located in Jumeira Sunset Mall. Through these partnerships, he extends his exceptional dental services to a wider patient community.


If you are seeking professional dental care from a skilled and experienced dentist, look no further than Dr. Abdel Nasir Hassan Abd Elwahab. Contact his office today to schedule an appointment and experience comprehensive dental treatments delivered with utmost skill, precision, and compassion.