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Tips towards a good dentist

Healthcare is something that needs to be taken seriously. Have you ever come across people who complain about their latest visit to the doctor? Most of the time these complaints are about doctors who either diagnose the illness incorrectly and worse still administer treatment for this diagnosis which does nothing to ease the situation...

Four main tips to keep in mind when getting veneers in Dubai

Our teeth play a major role both in functionality and aesthetics. Healthy, strong teeth enables us to eat well and speak well without speech issues. However, some have the need for cosmetic dentistry as it enhances our smiles thus contributing to our overall looks. Veneers in Dubai are widely popular.....

Radiology Department Dubai

Understanding all about radiology would be helpful the next time you require the services of a radiologist in the radiology department. With regular doctor visits and a well maintained medical history you family doctor would be able to diagnose and treat various issues as and when they arises...

How to Get That Hollywood Smile

Everyone has seen that perfect Hollywood smile in actors and wished they had that same perfect smile : with sparkling white teeth and perfectly straight teeth. It is no longer a distant dream to achieve that perfect Hollywood smile in Dubai with the best doctors clinic in Dubai offering a vast range of options to

A Look into The Advantages of Dental Implants

Many people in the world today suffer from missing teeth. Missing teeth cause lack of confidence and discomfort among other drawbacks. A well proven solution to this problem is dental implants. First conducted in 1957, every year millions of people in the world undergo dental implant procedures. It is one of the most commonly conducted

History of Modern Dental Implants

Modern dental implants were conceived by one man Per-Ingvar Branemark. In 1957, a Swedish orthopaedic surgeon, discovered that titanium fitted into the bone would become fused together with the bone as the bone grew. This fact grew out of his experiments of fitting titanium into the leg bone of rabbits.

Three Steps for Getting Dental Implants

Getting dental implants, is not something that is done in a spasm. It needs evaluation and understanding. The following will guide you through the most important steps in getting dental implants. You should be able to get a clearer knowledge of the process, once you read through the guide.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dental Implants

Walking away with a whole sparkling smile is no longer a dream for dental patients who have lost teeth. Dental implants are so widely practiced in any dental clinic in Dubai everyone would already be knowing the basics of dental implants in Dubai and how they work.

A Modern Dental Facility Built for a Growing Dubai

Dubai, the commercial heartbeat of the Middle East is a thriving, bustling city with one of the world’s largest commercial conglomerations. Home to thousands of large corporations and high net worth individuals. It’s a thriving place for entrepreneurship and ambition. It is said that business is done over handshakes and warm smiles.